This S*&%$# is Bananas…Mother! (2017)

Let me start by writing that this movie will be the opposite of what you could expect.

My feelings leaving the movie theatre were CONFUSION, PERPLEXITY and pure REGRET!


I expect a thrilling suspense, maybe a murder or two and some kind of mystery behind.

You cannot prepare for what you’re about to watch. It’s BANANAS!!!


So, if you already have watched this movie what I’m about to reveal should not be a surprise to you.

The first 45 minutes are normal kinda slow boring life events of a couple living in the middle of nowhere and strange events start to unfold in the house. The house seems to be the centre of all from the building, the fire and connection between the main female character (Jennifer Lawrence) and the house/the walls.

The 2 main characters  (Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem) are quite shallow and seem to be struggling in an underlined miscommunication and static situation. The newcomers, another couple, (Michelle Pfeiffer) shake the monotony and lack of colour in the house and in the main couple’s lives.

Then s%^$#%$# starts to get weirder. The couple is in the middle of a death and drama is unfolding.

Then an “out of nowhere” fast forwarding happens and we’re way forward in time just like that.

Jennifer Lawrence referred to this movie as a masterpiece – what???!!!!

It must have nothing to do with the fact that she’s having a relationship with the director of this abortus of a movie. (ironic)  RIGHT???!!!!

Then the house is full of people, all kind of things happen and there’s an apocalyptic scenario all around them and it gets from weird to WTF!!!

Let me get this right. I love weird movies with an underlined plot that goes beyond the images and takes you away with sounds and perception and points of view but let me be honest Mother! and Director Darren Aronofsky are not Tom Ford, a master of talking through images and music (A single Man and Nocturnal Animals)  or Alejandro González Iñárritu with his The Revenant, a movie that talks to the spectators only through sounds and different images, smartly and impressive filming from different angles taking you right where you need to be to see the story unfold around you and the characters in the movies. That’s a freaking masterpiece!!!

Allegorical level and human emotion level are what our dear Director was aiming for but Mother! makes it clear to me that he has aimed too high and totally missed the mark.

So let me break the reality behind this movie as the Director and Jennifer want to sell it…

Javier is GOD

Jennifer is Earth

Plus an impossible EVE and a not near comprehensive ADAM and their sons… Kane and Abel!?!? I don’t think so. From the entrance of the sons on this movies gets way too random and all over the place. Lack of focus is trying to tell an important story and gets way too mixed and all that’s possible and impossible with too many lines of narrative that do not complete or enrich the plot but just makes it very confusing and unpleasant to watch. Not only violent but just plain lack of sophistication and poetry.

The movie is the birth of religion and Creation and also false Idols – so a bit of cynic view on Christianity.

So this movie it’s totally cre cre and adds nothing to the constellation of amazing movies that really analyse and tear down humanity, our beliefs and our emotions.

This is one of those movies that want to be AMAZING but are really NOT.

It’s just like you go out dressed in gold leopard print from head to toe and crash a white party. It’ll not fit in at all.

This movie offends my intelligence and those were totally 2 hours of my life wasted that nobody will ever get back to me.

The cruel and violent images at the end add only more disgust to this movie and make you really hate more than appreciate anything about it.

This movie wants to refer to the bibble and send a message but all I can say it’s that I picked up the message. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING THIS MOVIE!!!

It’s just like a blind trying to describe colour to non-blind people.

Useless references of birth, Jesus, the Lion King/Son of God images of showing the baby and the crow killing the baby and eating it … this is blasphemy of the highest level.

This movie just a flop is trying to be anything good and the director wrote in 5 days??!! I could have written this after the birth  of a movie in 1 hour after a really bad acid trip.


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