GOT…boring but not too much…Season 7 and 8 will kick butt!!!Maybe…

I need to give my $2 on season 7 of Game of Thrones.

I was, at first, really upset that this would not be the final season since I really need to see the end of this story. Last season was a bit tedious and lost the George R.R. Martin sense that no one is essential and everyone is expendable. After all, I love the fact that "Valar Morghulis"… all men must die. 

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Season 6 was a let down on that aspect, except for the death of Hordor and finally getting to know what his name meant and his importance in connection to Bran and the White Walkers. After all, the more importance you get for Georgie's story line the more likely you will die horribly. Especially if you are a Stark or close enough to them.

I love the Starks and Ned's death was shocking and sad but Robb's death was a real mega shock …then Jon 'sort of' died too…come on, Georgie… let the Starks live a little. And now no one really important and shocking dies anymore…

So Season 7must be the "revealing" season… where we really get to know stuff or I'll crawl out of my skin…

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Things we might know so far…and about to come out in Season 7:

  1. Jon Snow is absolutely a Targaryen...bastard son of Rhaegar Targaryen (The mad King's son) and Lyanna Stark. He's the best combination in the whole Westeros. A Stark (wolves) and a Targaryen (dragons), which makes him the cousin to Daenerys Targaryen- mother of dragons, slayer of chains and all that good stuff we've heard 12576.98875765 times …over & over!!!Proof of Jon being a Targaryen is that Drogon - one of the Khaleesi's dragons – lets him touch him and seems to recognize something in him. Drogon is just like e big scaly kitty cat!!!Yep..Jon Snow is freaking Jon Targaryen!!! Son of Ice and Fire!!! He's not even really a bastard after all since his father's marriage to Elia Martell was annulled to have him marry Jon's mother and Ned Stark's sister, Lyanna…Just saying πŸ™‚
  2. The 'new' villainand maybe the worst one of them all…DaenerysShe is going dark and will only get worse. She's her father's daughter ( The Mad King), after all, and she'll prove it…Who would not go mad being the mother of big a#@$% dragons and able to burn everything down with 1 word only: dracarys!!!She might be the MAD QUEEN after all. She has executed the Tarly's 2 main men because they refuse to "bend the freaking knee"… she's obsessed with that!!! She has been getting more and more dangerous and consumed by the power given by her "birth" right to sit on the Iron Throne.  She's slowly turning away from what she was supposed to be: the Saviour (Justful Ruler); she's turning into another Power Hungry/Cruel Ruler… Tyrion Lannister is seeing it more and more clear as she acts against his advice burning and killing…and even Lord Varys, who has always been a server only to the Crown and Westeros and not its rulers sees it and he warns Tyrion of what is going to happen to Daenerys… we must give credit to the man, he's seen many rulers and he's seen the evil take over before…
  3. Dragons and fire will decide fates… a further proof that Daenerys will go mad or totally dark…will be the event to come aka the loss/death of one of her children. I cannot wait for it to happen and it will be the biggest cliffhanger in GOT since Jon Snow's death…Viserion will die. The smallest of her dragons will be killed by the (K)night King and might come back as a White Dragon… I really hope so…maybe in Season 8… that would be a defining moment in the War to come… eyes changing color…to WHITES BLUE this time…just like when Jon died and his eyes changed to purple… because he's a Targaryen!!! ( I know, I've already said that!) Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jon snow eye changes color gifNotice anything?Daenerys will lose one of her children and what is still holding her on to being kind of good and just, will be lost with the pain of seeing her child die.Not to imagine what power will the Night King have with an ICE dragon in his army!!!The war coming will be HUGE!!!

"Valar Morghulis" we must never forget that because, in the end, the DEAD might be the only thing left in Westeros where everyone is so consumed by the IRON THRONE.

I also cannot wait to see if all this will happen and if Cersei and Little Finger will have any success in their plotting …one in the South and the other in the North… I must confess that Cersei does not bother me too much anymore…she's so boring now that she's Queen and I can only wait to see her destiny and her death, especially if she's really caring a child or if she's plotting with the mad/weird hand of hers: (aka Doc Frankenstein)  … and if she'll die – she should be killed by her younger brother and I hope that will be Jaime Lannister (her brother/lover). He will fulfill the prophecy  “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar ("little brother") shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” The prophecies by Maggie The Frog all came true so far so let's hope this one will also come true as well…fingers cross in Season 7…Cersei might be carving her own fate since she might be lying to keep Jamie close and faithful to her and telling him that she's expecting a child… and once he finds out she's lying that will be her last deceit to him. The last lie and cruel action he can take from her…She's cruel and calculated and we all know and have seen that. Her death might come from her own wrong doing.
But I am afraid that she might have a bigger role in all that will happen once the White Walkers will come closer to Kingslanding. I'll have to wait for Season 8 for sure to see the prophecy happen…

4. Jon & the (K)night King: they'll meet and fight again…our quite creepy (K)night King has a thing for Jon (who doesn't?)… and they're destinated to flight …one on one… that might come only in the end of all…so I must patiently wait. I'm just sure that they'll be face to face and the fate of all will be decided right there! Season 8… too much has to happen yet for that final mo0ment to come… 

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5. Siblings will fight; 

6. Bran…he has a very important part to play in the War coming against the Dead and he's slowly showing how essential his power will be to define the outcome of it all… will he possess the body of the White Dragon (if there will be one…) will he reveal or find out that he's something else??!! or Someone else??? Will his connection with the (K)night King finally be explained???!!! The sure thing is that Bran is very important and I'm sure this all will be revealed in Season 8… I think he'll be a very surprising moment… not for the good part…

Finally, how could it all end…since the end is coming!!!!

ENDING 1 for…THE END OF ALL…Valar Morghulis…
If GOT (the series) will follow George R.R. Martin's sick mind of torture, despair and kill everyone; I can only hope that in the next (and last, please!!!) season really BIG characters will fall…one by one… and join the Dead  in their March to End the time of MAN. That would be an epic end to GOT if all that's left is ice from the Walkers winning the great war and fire from the MEN last battle for survival and loss of all they thought was so important before the Walkers came.

The end might be even better if the next and only ruler of DEAD and ALIVE will be the son of fire and ice!!! The only one who has both and is able not to be corrupted by power but just wants the good for the people…we know that  Leaf (one of the Children of the Forest) created the (K)night King to defend them from the destruction of MEN…what about if the only MAN that will not destroy all and everyone but is how the children of the forest wanted MEN to be can control and proof to the walkers that he's the rightful LEADERS of all (with help of Brann – 3 Eyed Raven, who will be his best ally during the Great War with the White Walkers)… That would be just a good ending but we're talking about George R.R. Martin so I'm 99% sure that this will end in misery.
After all, according to the prophecy, the red woman mentioned more than once,  this prince or princess would be reborn "amidst salt and smoke" and pull a flaming sword from the flames, Lightbringer, to combat an impending darkness (White Walker)… Jon Snow had to get his hand on that sword soon as the owner of the sword will die…Lord Beric Dondarrion will die fighting eventually and his "fire sword" might come in the hands of Jon…is he the Azor Ahai(The Prince That Was Promised)??? and Lord Beric Dondarrion's Red Priest who can resurrect his Lord, Thoros of Myr, will be alone without his Lord to serve…could he then pledge his alliance to Jon??!! Will Jon be the sword in the darkness??? The Prince promised cannot be Daenerys, she's never even held a sword… but she says she'll take what is hers (the Iron Throne) with fire & blood…and Cersei (Maggy's prophecy again) would be cast down by another, younger and more beautiful queen…not a king… hmmmmmmmmmm…

I'm trying to connect a million dots and it's driving me bananas…

Fingers crossed πŸ™‚ after all this is where THE END BEGINS!!!!

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