A son…birth of texas…

p13852095_b_v8_aaTexas told from its diversity in a cultural mixture, bloodshed history, and cruel harsh reality.

A great comeback of  Pierce Brosnan to tell a story of a boy who becomes a man in suffering and blood. 

Cruel and hard as we like it to be. Another historical (ish) series with a beautiful intro that tells what the series is all about in 1 minute.

It goes from Indians and Cowboys chase and brutality to the struggle of man that knows only hurt and revenge in a Mexican/Texan (Anglo) battle for a rich soil and a shared identity of South Texas.

Rire and Fall of (west) Texas and it’s suffered reality which makes what it is today and what it has been in the past.

This series has just begun but it already promises great entertainment.

Son of a land, son of a dream, son of an idea..still all to be discovered but already full of twists and complexity in the characters’ reality.


Pierce is not forgotten in this story – he is cruel and unforgiven wearing Texan boots & hat, of course, also a raffle in the hand.

It might not be easy to watch if you do not like stereotypes, it can be a bit racist but true to how Texas is supposed to be.

It follows two different moments in the life of a man. The old made harsh man and the young scared boy in the making to become the old guy. Great transactions in time to give you those little sand of time details to put together what is going on and what has gone in the past. A hard journey of becoming a son of the land that has a million colors all tainted in black rich oil, that will make Texan different from other states. A state with its own problems and battles.

Only little confusing aspect is that the main character should be around 80 years old in the main story line while our Pierce is slightly younger. It might just be a little way to show that this old son of Texan is old in body but not in the soul. What forges him with the Comanche has made him strong and maybe a bit more vigorous so that he looks and acts younger.

I personally love native Americans stories and this series paints a little part of the great portrait that the natives played in the making of the US of A.

Here, until now, you’ll meet the Comanche. Not traders and diplomats as they were known for in real history as they will later be (maybe) in this series but still fugitives, escaping the cruelty of the Texas rangers and hiding in their own cruelty. Spanish speaking Comanche. Fierce warriors. Harsh living due to the Texans and Mexicans dominating the territory. Still fascinating in their beliefs and way of living in unison with the land. Are they the real SONs of Texas of who will it be?

Lots of bullets, bang bang and a lot of blood. This is the essence of this series with lots of new, old and unexpected allies and enemies.

At the end all sons of Texas?…It is a story fo many sons.

We will discover, I guess, so far so good as a series for me. For nor it’s the making of a great human and society story…hoping will only get better.

So far Texas is interesting.


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