A real tempting TABOO…

taboo 1

Historical series with dark tosses & turns enveloped in a gloomy and dirty London still battling against the newborn USA using spies and ships under the command of the very (in this series) ridiculously portrayed king of England George III. A fat king obsessed with food and not too brilliant. Funny looking, almost a caricature necessary to let you see with your eyes the England of the time.

Here is where this interesting story starts.

Let’s begin with the fact that the main actor in this dark tale is Tom Hardy. A role just perfect for him. A man between insanity and immorality ready for anything and caring of nothing.

He travels back to London (his hometown) from Africa in 1814 while UK and USA are still at war even after the Ghent treaty and they’re disputing a piece of land, after Tom’s (hi character in the series James Keziah Delaney) dad’s death.

Americans S4 Transit Shelter.indd

A dark tale of Native Indian and African magic on the verge of insanity and intrigues.

A well-set chess game on the screen that will keep you interested and amused. It’s bloody and dirty as the 1918 streets of London. A note so subtle moral dilemma in the main love story in place will keep it surprising as the events unroll and take other turns.

Great, as usual, interpretation from Tom that can be the bad guy but also another kind of fallen hero as well.

Just for the record in case you’re wondering the title of this series.

Taboo actually means – social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person or place.

And there are 2 main taboos in this tale. A person and also a place.

Tom is just perfection in his dirty and edge of killing everyone just because of look. He’s the incarnation of this troubled man in the story that seems to be on the edge of losing his sanity or looking for what’s is his and he wants to keep. Profound and careless at the same time. A man you’ll love to hate and question his reasons but still interesting to watch and wonder where will he go next. Muscle and brain in one that fights for what is right… you’ll be the judge to that…

Intrigues go back and forth from one side of the board game to the other and a less that honorable portrait of the British East India Company comes to light between a slave – a human right – a battle with also dark magical practices and a forbidden fruit so easily let fall from one’s grasp when finally reached.

It will trouble your mind and from time to time get you biting all of your nails off but it’s worth every bit of it if you like spy stories and betrayal.

It’s a great mix of weird, violent, sensual tension and historical facts.

I really liked this story and finished it in a weekend leaving me with wanting more and more and hopefully a season 2 🙂

This is my second favorite series of all. Not boring at all. Historically interesting and on that edge of morality that tickles your fantasy.



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