Quite disturbing Dutch drama. Brimstone.

Let’s start with… the fact that this Martin Koolhoven’s movie is not for the vanilla hearted people.

It’s very dark and emotional until it gets creepy and contorted.

Powerful narration. Sterile colours; grey; brown; dusty…a western as a western movie must be!Slow and bloody!

Not the classic bandit, sheriff and Indian Western with blood all over the place, but a drama filled with horror and some sick things kind of western.

It made me beg to stop and then continue to hurt me again. It’s a sadistic movie. You’ll love to hate it and when you think you had enough of your mind telling you: Really? Are you really watching this? why?…well it will carry on and kick your moral compass to the dirt.

I have been on a religious movie journey in the last months. This is the second movie I’ve watched that has a strong criticism on religious fanatism, underline about Cristian Faith fanatics.

This movie will make you uncomfortable from the slow narration to the Bible references – episodes in which the movie is divided and told.

It’s a struggle/journey of a woman for freedom. She is escaping from a past of horror and sorrow and you get to know each detail in each episode strongly related to the episode’s title.

We go from the Exodus to the Genesis and so forth…


“Be aware of false prophet’s who come to you in sheep’s clothing…”

It’s violent and bloody in perfect harmony with the harsh, sterile and cold surroundings (mise en scene).

Grey and gloom will be the colour and feeling that will take you through this movie. You’ll suffer too an arduous journey in discovery of who is who and what it all means … a bit Memento (movie) and a bit The Others (also movie)… where you get to know in each part new surprising details to put the puzzle horror together, backwards and forwards in time… not a linear time of narration but necessary for the suspense.

It’s worth watching if you want to be shocked and spend an evening in a dutch very dark movie masterpiece. It’s not a movie for everybody! It’ll test you and your morals!

I have seen some dark religious movies lately like Silence from Martin Scorsese and another dutch movie in Dutch (less expensive and still quite dark but brilliantly narrated) Knielen op even bed violence; the last it’s worth your time, a bit less cruel but profoundly sad and challenging to watch without feeling depressed.

All these movies are about suffering that might be ironic because one of the principles of Christian faith is related to the suffering of the Messiah! Well-placed pain and struggle both ways in the narration and the religion it relates too.

Brimstone is still quite harsh to watch if you are a woman with feminist tendencies, but if you think about the darkness around the story you’ll notice that there is almost no hope in this movie. It’s 99% about running from the past and escaping the monsters that chase you and cannot leave you alone looking for that distorted perfection in their insanity and purity brought by religious fanatism.

If you’re an animal lover and have had enough of the hurting in this movie – it will be hard to keep your eyes on the screen. It will have a scene, in particular, where the background will hunt you. This is some sick dude who decided to story tell this. (Still, I liked it). It’s some deep levels of enduring all bad things you can think of in life…Pff…and you thought you had it bad…after this movie, you’ll think again…

It’s a hard subject movie. If you look deep enough you’ll find that grey static beauty in the narration that takes you through the bible episodes of this broken woman’s journey through sorrow and sadness.

How far would you go running away from hurt? What would you do to be safe?

A test of a person’s limit and capacity to carry on despite horrible obstacles life builds in front of her. Maybe there is a little light in this movie after all. You have to look really carefully to find it because most of what you will see will make you cringe in your chair and sink your nails in your lap. It’s horrid and extraneously long-suffering moments. No mercy for the weak of heart! If you can watch…past all the horrors.

Raw and hard.

Not a sunny Sunday afternoon movie that will kill any positive vibe you might have but it might be the right movie for a rainy evening.

Brimstone is, after all, a harsh element that does not smell nice and can damage your health. Perfect name for this story. This movie is not nice and will leave a little scar in your imagination from beginning to end.

Freedom from pain has always a price tag and your only choice to make it all stop it to pay that price.

This movie is about 2 people chasing something – one after someone and the other after freedom. Both chasing and at the end both kind of loose in one way or another.

volcanic sulphur = brimstone

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