WestWorld.. please take me back to the WildWildWest (Boy, we’ve got a vacation for you!)


I’ll try my best not to make this a complete Ode to the other Nolan brother.

Discover WestWorld

Let me start by saying that the aesthetics of this series it’s amazing. Realistic and gorgeous.

But what makes this series stand out is the story line and the twists in it.

It is based on television series Beyond Westworld from 1980. A Less fortunate show at the time. And also Westworld a 1973 American science fiction Western thriller film.


2 scientists make the perfect fantasy world, where the visitor (player) has no limits, a God in a world created to go beyond any moral barrier.

Robots as real as humans are killed, raped and misused for story lines that are intended to satisfy the visitors’ wildest, most ferocious and immoral limits taking them beyond. The visitors cannot be harmed; they are the rulers in this Western World.

It is cruel, dark and a very intense place. Our own morality is in question and what would you do if your actions would have no consequences fused into a journey about what is consciousness and the importance of suffering in order to find out who you really are.

Pain and suffering is an essential journey for these robots to find out who they really are. And not only robots. Pain will transform and unfold the essence of each creature – human (guest) and robot (host).

It’s impossible to describe the journey this series makes you go through – revealing piece by piece what hides behind the corner.

Each piece and character in their own “repetitive”  routines but essential for the end story.

A sequence of the same and yet different actions. It’s slow and suffered journey.

The music over and over again, the Rocky Mountains arid and dry but breathtaking scenarios play a part in telling what will come or has already happened.

It’s confusing since time is of no essence but still incredible to find out yourself each piece of the puzzle and put it together.

Discover your favorite character and what the story will take it to be. One important part of this series is BEING and SUFFERING. Lost, the finding will change the characters for better and worse and reveal their actions.

Only the Nolan’s – who revived ad gave real humanity to Batman- could grab this storyline from the 1980s and twist it, bend it and enrich it to this level of complexity and beauty.

It’s not a robots-with-an-awareness- of their-being-will-take-over-the world story – It’s more than that in a million little facets like a finely polished diamond. You can see each color come to live and change slowly. Each face has a purpose and a road to be found.

It unravels in each episode with twists that fit perfectly in each piece of the puzzle story.


  This is the best series I have even seen in my life. It’s so dark and perverse that makes you question what makes humans = humans.

It’s not just entertaining for the sake of it. It’s a journey you take with the complex characters in story lines that fall apart and together at the same time. Each with a purpose. PURPOSE is the main story line in this incredible series.

Written by Jonathan Nolan – brother of Christopher Nolan- author /director of:

I’m a C.Nolan’s fan since he brought back Batman as a real living man (Christian Bale) and not the previous cartoonish characters that were too colourful and silly and Superman (my favourite superhero)  was reanimated to life after a long dormant successful period from Christopher Reeve (the one and only man of Steel) to finally reincarnate him to perfection with Henry Cavell in a renewed and still original story. But his brother, J. Nolan, has brought back the “future” of an eventual world intertwined between man and machine where the machine might gain humanity and take over us because they are better in being human.

As Jonathan Nolan himself says:”What would happen if you could live without limits and with no consequences?”

This series is epic and sorry beloved George R.R. Martin but Game of Thrones lost all its appeal and twisted story line after WW. This is a new version of story perversion and Nolan’s brother intricate time perception taken to a great level of confusion in the spectator’s mind hooking you to the screen and making you beg for more.

The end is a sweet cliffhanger (not the over dramatic kick in the face George R.R. Martin’s series adaptors love to throw in) and an ending that could not need a Season 2. Of course, I would love a sequel to this addicting story but after the end of this season, I’m sure I will watch it again to enjoy it once more.With or without Season 2.

Some hints of maybe another Delos Destination* – A SamuraiWorld or a continuation of something even bigger of an even more intricate plot will come up. I can expect anything from Nolan and I know it will be so good.

My appreciation goes also to the cats choice – Anthony Hopkins is just so perfect for the edge role of the bad guy that might not be that bad after all.

You can’t play god without being acquainted with the devil

Last but absolutely not least is Rodrigo Santoro – Brazilian hero – perfect for the macho Western Latino role and just some nice imperfect eye candy :-).



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