Once upon a time there was…CosmicLove!

I firmly believe in the concept that we want what we do not have a vice versa until the cows come home…

Once upon a time in a normal dinner with friends to say goodbye to someone that was moving away a strange creature appear in front on me.  He was part human and part tiger. I called him “EL TIGRE”.

This strange creature made its entrance in an odd way. He set down and asked the eternal and difficult question: What is love for you?

My first thought was: SHIT@#%$&$#^%@*@BAll…

Then after a long pause of my brain cells trying to rearrange something that could be explained and understood, other around the table tried to answer that question. Some made sense, some other were really boring and others were just drunk and bubbling nonsense.

Me? I was still thinking.

El Tigre noticed the difficulty of his enquiry and decided to share his vision of Cosmic Love.

A love that transcendent from physical and it’s mind union and has no need to be expirenced with the boy but only with the heart!


That might have been the right answer from this philosopher El Tigre. But it was not!

Here is what Cosmic Love is for our hero of that particular and peculiar night:

It is giving you watch you do not want and taking what you do not need and sharing what you might hate.

It is the eternal rejection cycle or latin love or cosmic love…

You name it but we all have experienced it from one side or the other or even both.

The must is in us to want what we do not have and to reject what is given to us?

It might be.

Let’s be honest for a hot second. We all need:

  • Affection
  • Love
  • Companionship
  • To be listened to and understood
  • To be nurtured
  • To be appreciated
  • To be valued

Do we always want that from the people that give it to us? NO, we do not.

Do we always give it to the people that want it from us? No, we do not.

I am not going to say how and why to do so or the opposite.

I just want to share this great night with a total “intoxicated” stranger dressed as a tiger on Halloween who dared to ask a group of never met before people the question we all ask ourselves and he found his answer, named it and runs along claiming he knows what it is and he is giving his cosmic love to someone that does not want it when he does not need it and hates him for it and at the end of that cycle our Tigre is fine with it.

Might be the alcohol level in his blood or just the daringness to defy strangers to ask strangers a question in even stranger moments.

As I always say: If we were all crazy and acted forgetting of any consequence or reaction, we would act as we really feel inside and that would be (for me) a perfect world. There might be a lot of bodies along the way but hey… you cannot build a road with breaking some stones.

I wONDER is El Tigre happier that we are or are happier that El Tigre and who the heck measures that?!!!!!



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