What’s in the closet should stay in the closet, right?!!

Let’s be honest…we all have skeletons in our closets…and they SHOULD STAY THERE!!

Don’t you just hate when the past comes to bite you in the ass and has a dozen row of teeth like a hungry shark smelling blood in the water after not eaten for weeks…???? I sure do hate that.

I know that I do not like that.


It should be skeletons for some reasons IN DA CLOSET, right??!!:

  1. they are dead – no meat on them – only bones because they’re from the PAST
  2. they’re in the closet because who else is going to go through your closet if not only you…so nobody else should know about them
  3. they are there because they do NOT need to be anywhere else, They are locked up in a dark place where no eyes can be laid on them…EVER!!!!

So…when the skeleton gets out and starts dancing around the house and even introducing itself to the people around you – that can’t be good!


Let’s go talk about material, actual examples.

Have you ever done something you really regret but in your state of mind you at the time made sense or was just REALLY necessary and you think or just justify yourself  you needed to do…

Then you force yourself to forget about it and shove it in the closet. It’s locked up and no ONE will ever come to know.

You are wrong my friend.

Universe -Karma- Destiny or whatever you want to call it has a plan for your little skeleton. It’s just a comfortable illusion given to you and it will come back and with revenge.

Shall we always be honest and not hide anything? Maybe yes…but it is impossible for human nature we are false, opportunistic and these skeletons are necessary.

Still, once it’s out it is OUT and no way you’ll be able to stop a wild fire when all kind of combustibles have to be thrown on it.

I wish the magic wonder/power of turning back time or just the good old time machine…

If I could be a superhero I would definitely be TURNBACK WOMAN. No doubt about that. Or WIPE MEMORY AWAY WOMAN.

So what is the point of this frantic words…

You’re not alone friend!!! We all have closets full of skeletons and the only way to carry on when one is out is leverage and remember that the others also have them and empathy is the best remediation weapon.

I am all for let’s just open the closet and let all those boney asses out and see what happens next …chaos!!!

As someone once said: we should all be like dogs chasing a car…we have no clue what we would do with the car if we would ever catch it…






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