What a movie…2 h 36 minutes of your life worth giving up for this movie…

Bekijk de originele afbeelding

1st things 1st – the filming of this movie is amazing. There are some breathtaking sceneries and the lights, the images, and the sounds tell the story and hook you in from the first 10minutes.

It’s an intense journey in glorious nature that has its powerful cruelty back and lights that cannot be described in words, you must admire and see it even if through a movie screen!!!


The first minutes are cruel, bloody and intense. A tearing and rough battle and there you are thrown into the action from a camera placed on an Indian (Native American) riding a horse in the middle of the fight through blood, mud, snow and screams, he falls and you follow him to the ground while the perceptive widens and rises to the grey gelid sky giving you the view on the atrocity happening on the ground. This is amazing and breathtaking while the sky is unchanged and indifferent to the red ground beneath.

This is just a tiny fraction of how the images and the sounds will make you experience this movie.

Everything has a different power and gives the right intensity and feeling to what is happening or about to happen.

There is minimum dialogue in this movie and you do not need it because the story is told by the environment and the lights and every other detail that requires no words or explanation but pure contemplation. The actions are the story!!! And what a story!!

This is exceptional to experience.

This movie, to me, is perfect in every way.

The story line, plot, is simple, a father revenging his son and surviving with an underlined Father/Child relationship in 2 parallel journeys of 2 fathers doing anything to revenge their children. So nothing too complicated and maybe because of that everything else is intense, heavy and emotionally challenging.

Even in such a simple plot there are some small intense moments of a harsh father that has only his son in an unkind world and needs to protect him and the almost unfelt love and kindness for his son told only with a couple of small gestures that maybe make their love even more powerful to witness in those rare moments!

I can only remember of 1 other movie that made me so anxious and lives every second with the images: Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

Back to The Revenant

This movie is a masterpiece for its simple, cruel, harsh and beautiful mise en scène.

It’s a journey and a difficult one because nature is cruel, it’s cold and animals are dangerous and the natives are on a bloodthirsty journey of their own that it’s destroying everyone along the way and you are in the middle of that journey.

The sounds are thought through in each little detail and are there for a deep purpose and they add the value to each single moment. The lights are majestic and all natural and you can almost feel the nature power unchanged around the events unfolding in the plot! Because of course nature is nature and it does not care about you or what you’re already going through so snow storm or gelid blisters will be there to make it even more difficult…

But furthermore Leo di Caprio and Tom Hardy are incomparable to any other movies they have ever done. Their performances are just incredible.

They are believable and real and their uncomfortable and pain is almost palpable to the spectator.

I just loved this movie and it’s my favorite movie for everything I could watch it 100 times and I am sure that I will pick on new nuances and details because this movie is so rich of details and small big things that make it unforgettable.

Alejandro Iñárritu, the director, has captured and given life to an incredible challenging to watch at times journey for the intensity of the emotions in play and fantastic for its way of filming.

I saw parts of the Birdman, his other film that won Oscars, I did not get that movie and could not force myself to watch it until the end.

Bekijk de originele afbeelding

But boy this movie it’s just another universe. Maybe, for me, one of the most beautiful movies of all times.

At times the camera is placed in full action and blood splatters on the lens and it blurs with the actors’ cold breaths against it… it’s genius and beautiful.

The changing perspective is perfect to change your emotion as the scenes move, the characters transaction…you are there with them all the time!!!!

This movie is ferocious but just one of a kind!!!!

Go and watch it because you’ll either love it or hate it but I’m sure you’ll feel some type of way about it.

The absence of words is not missed but appreciated because the story is told in action and this is so difficult to make successfully in a movie and this movie just did it in so many ways.

Even the end is so great… Back to the 2 fathers that finally meet and complete each other’s revenge!!! Amazing!!!!

I am in love with this movie!!!! Totally absolutely in love!!!


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