The Force Awakens…indeed!!!

Lets’s just start with the fact that I am a BIG Star Wars fan!!

SPOILERS ahead!!!!

But first…let me say HOW FREAKING EXITED I AM!!!!

THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Finally, a NEW episode to start a new ERA of SW…YES!!!!

There has been an AWAKENING!!!!

I want to compare the awesomeness of it all and the past…

And of all, of course, is KYLO REN…aka the new “Darth Vader” …of course he’s a Skywalker (with a bit of a twist) and of course he is EVIL!!! He’s Anakin’s legacy! 

He has a bit of a temper which is hilarious in this movie and he has powers very similar to Darth Vader…obviously. He’s still struggling in his DARK journey just like Anakin, so back to the evil path but with a sacrifice that will change him for good to the dark side… just like Anakin after he thinks he kills Padmé and his unborn child…so there will be a death of a dear one close to Kylo Ren… But he’s very powerful and a true ODE to Vader.  From his choke and lifting power to his ability to torture the mind.

I LOVE HIM!!!!! (I am a true Anakin/ Darth Vader fan) So this is just GREAT!!!!


And let’s not forget the REN in his name….just saying for later…

Another great new and old combination. For a nerd fan of SW – I must say I am happy and sad at the same time…

It is bittersweet that REN is or could be a great villain and the traditional Light Dark  struggle with his(sister?) …yep…tols of twins in SW again!!! Boring? Love it? Hate it? You choose…

It’s just a theory…of course.

The most amazing and cool particularity in this episode is THE AWAKENING!!!!

A Star Trooper has awakened and feels the force??!!!! A bit of a twist about to happen right there.  It wouls be just fantastic if this will develop into something a more articulate in the story line and I have a feeling it will!!!

Last for me is the final scene…LUKE is back oh yeah… SW fan wet dream right there and the best cliffhanger since a very long time!!!

It has been a while since it was out and now a new (side episode) of the Star Wars is about to come out and I must confess I am looking forward to it and see twists and side stories.

Original new and old (and the other way around) I am still in LOVE with Anakin (Darth Vader) and nothing can be bad and intriguing like him and his story… he is the FORCE!!!

Enjoy the restarting of the SW journey and watch a couple of times just to make sure you catch those little nuances…





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