Overreacting AKA the marvelous art of freaking out…SIMPLE GUIDE AND STEPS TO not REALLY GET WHY you FREAK OUT!!!

That amazing moment when you have no tangible reason for freaking out but you have been bitten by the little annoying bug called FREAK THE HELL OUT and there is no cure or antidote known to modern medicine (maybe overdose of Xanax).

This phenomenon is also known as the marvelous art of freaking out and sadly enough is mostly a female disorder.

The official medical definition is – to be in a heightened emotional state, such as that of fear, anger, or excitement – causes UNKNOWN or as I like to think NOT IMPORTANT at all because sometimes you just freak out for the simple, basic and  primary reason: you freak out because YOU CAN!!!!

Yep… Sometimes you are alone with your own thoughts and out of boredom or lack of usage of common sense or just because you might be nuts; you start imagining possible worst case scenarios for a current situation you are living and then reasons why those scenarios would happen, how they would happen and what would eventually happen to you if they would actually happen. For no apparent reason those obstacles and catastrophic scenarios with unimaginable consequences , (this is of course just an euphemism because  in your head they are very close to being of apocalyptic proportions),  they start to become realistic as the ground under your own feet and you FREAK THE HELL OUT!!!

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A simple situation that might cause a bit of doubt or anxiety due to changes in your life or just simple novelty becomes all of a sudden the worst situation imaginable to mankind!!! All that could go wrong will go wrong just because it can go wrong. All the 10 plagues of Egypt are your only reality now and they seem like a bless compared to what it’s happening on your worst case possibilities …oh yeah and it could even get worse in your own little head because now it’s spinning like a hamster trapped in a perpetual motion wheel…it’s spinning and spinning and there is no way back!!! You have taken off to the unreal catastrophic possibilities and nothing and nobody will stop you 😦

The next logical step is for a reasonable woman (or very sensitive guy) that you are NOT, to analyses and be real and  calm the heck down and chill for a second but you cannot stop the chain of events already happening in your mind so the thing to do is to act on your disastrous freak outs as if they are real situations and totally tangible and in some impossible way real.

Steps of FREAK OUT:

1. Think the worst possible scenario
2. React on it as if a zombie apocalypse is coming and it is your last day alive and all humanity will be extinct forever so totally overreact because you’ll be out of your misery anyway soon; therefore why use sensibility!?!??
3. make sure person or people related to the situation are aware you are freaking out in not a very subtle manner; go frealing huge or go home!!!
4. freak that above mentioned person or people out as well
5. be totally unreasonable if the already mentioned person in points 3. and 4.  tries to calm you down or make you see the REAL situation
6. leave the FREAK OUT zone to the safer delusional zone where reason and logic will be totally ignored and fantasy is your only friend!!!
7. Freak out some more like there is no tomorrow and there is NO freaking light at the end of the tunnel but just darkness and the tunnel has turned into an endless whole!!!!

…the following steps after these basic ones depend on the subject and/or situation.

So story short… freak outs have no reason most of times but simply subject to the fact that you can do it and make life more complicated. Why make it simple when you can complicate it? Why see the true situation and control your emotions when you can totally overreact? Why be calm and collected when you can cry your eyes out like you are the NIAGARA falls and scream your head off ? Why apply logic when you can be unreasonable and catastrophic all at once?

You can let yourself soak in the sea of freak outs; be there all wet and eventually cold. At the end of the day it is what you are all about, reason does not apply to you and why should it? Seeing red as red and not as pink is not made for you. Being realistic it’s just an abstract thought you contemplated once for 5 seconds and decided it did not suit you AT ALL!!!

I am all for FREAK OUT!!! Let’s be clear on that.

I think if you can make it 100989 shades of complicated what my non existent common sense says it’s: why not??!!

If you are like that; let’s try not to be like that for 1 minute and follow the most logic thing to do for those others not like you and I:

1. Take a deep breath. I know everyone says this, take several deep breaths. I think it mainly works because it gives you to something to focus on plus it relaxes you.

2. Shut off your mind. Put on some music, meditate or read. Focus on something completely different The more attention you give it the worse it will get.

3. Remember you’re awesome.  It’s never as bad as you think. Fear is a mindset. Time to change the way you think.

4. Laugh. Preoccupy yourself with things you find funny and soon you’ll be saying fear, what fear?

5. Soak in the glory. Celebrate yourself. Now, that you’ve overcome your fear distinctly take in that emotion and the way you feel—don’t forget it! You’ll need to harness this emotion for the next fear you want to conquer.

Simple steps right?? Could you do it? Could you try it?

Did I try, you might ask yourself?/!! The answer is; yes. Did it work?? well…if I am writing this is because it might have or not. I’ll let you be the judge of that!

So good luck and just remember FREAK OUTS or NOT…if it’s not broken why fix it?? Right??!!!


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