Changing skin…and myself…

Is being a chameleon or change you skin in spring a bad thing?

I’ve thought of myself as an ever-changing work in progress…trying to put different shoes on to see which one feels better and can be worn on the long run.

At the end of the day – if you can change how you see yourself so will everyone around you.


I don’t believe in the theory that you always get what you deserve.. who the heck decides what you deserve and then gives it to you?!!!

I don’t believe people change either. The core stays the same – only the outer skin changes according to the situation and life stage…

It’s an evolution??!! Maybe…

As my wise mom would say: You’re either a flower or the fertilizer, you cannot be both but you will be the later eventually!

I changed the way I’ve seen myself with age and life.

Life is a total BITCH and it kicks you in the nuts multiple times like a sadistic drug dealer trying to get his money back. But it’s up to me to stand up and take the next hit and how to heal after…

If I only knew that years ago… but hey life gives you lemons and it’s up to you to make lemonade or plant it and grow a tree out of it…the more lemons the bigger the lemonade 🙂

One truth is that I adapt…I build walls and place guards on the highest towers with huge boiling oil bowls on top to throw at the approaching people AKA hiding behind sarcasm, indifference and you name it and I’m sure I use that too…but at the core I’m the same scared little girl hopeful people will be good to me and hoping in a brighter day at the play ground when the rain will stop and the sun will shine.

The important is to know, acknowledge and react accordingly…


I think I can be surprised (in a nice way) when people have nice things to say about me or just things I hope they would when I thought what I was seeing in the mirror was rotten.

Important is to recognize a bit the person staring at you in the mirror and  I like her. I don’t mind what she’s become. It could always be worse 🙂 because if today rains tomorrow could pour and the next day could be a storm…at the end it cannot rain forever (quote the CROW…pfff that’s old!!!)

“Hey, if it stinks and looks like shit, there might be flowers growing underneath.” Someone I know would say.

We are what we are!! images (1)

Moral of this is just for me to recognize that changing my skin and feeling better in it inked or not…(I am not talking about beauty, weight or anything like that) but just coloring the canvas does not change that at the end it’s still a canvas underneath. And Women are master in camouflage and I am one 🙂

Believing you are: When others perceive you as:
Shrewd Sly
Confident Arrogant
Humorous Inappropriate
Energetic Hyper
A person with strong opinions Opinionated
Passionate Impulsive
Strong Rigid or stubborn
Detail oriented Nitpicking
Quiet Passive or indecisive
Sensitive Needy

Words are keys to human perception and if men can only see primary shades of colors and women like to see shades of everything…words can be as confusing..

BE :

a FERRARI – fast, expensive, dangerous, desirable, good performance

a VOLVO – reliable, long-lasting, safe, comfortable, cheap

a HYBRID – green, good, positive, helpful, trendy

A BEETLE – funny, cute, female, silly, colorful

Whatever car you are just be it and stand proud for what you stand for…or vrooom vroom around like you’re THE BOMB!!! You’re the best car in the whole entire world…just be you better or worse…just be and all will still be around you!

What am I??!! For you to judge because I already done it and it makes me curious to know what people see in front of them because usually it’s totally different from the reflection I see in the mirror…


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