Struck by Lightning (aka feeding on human energy)

Curiously enough I realized that I feed on people’s energy.


I always wondered how come that independently of my own mood or emotional state there were moments that being by some kind of people I felt different in better or worse.

I decided to investigate myself and understand why and how and who…

I found interesting questions about this and some tickle my mind…(as the Dutch would say :-))

How do you make decisions about how you spend your time – and who you hang out with?
And more importantly, how do you say no to people and things that zap your energy reserves?

Let’s start from the HOW + WHO 

There are POSITIVES and NEGATIVES kind of energy giving people who can affect my mood.

Of course let me get to the POSITIVES 1st 🙂

1. BUZZER – it’s a caffeine person – a red bull kind of person to be around. It’s buzzing with life and vitality. It gets me excited about a glass of warm water  in a hot day. It’s that kind of person that should have lighting bolts around them all the time. They are what I would call HIGH VOLTAGE PERSON. This person is both physically and emotionally charged with PURE energy. It’s excited about everything and have to share and spread the feeling. There is no REST with this person. It’s a motus perpetum  kind of person.
If I’m feeling like a herd of bulls have walked all over me and they thrown me down a cliff – this BUZZER is the right kind of person to call and meet up because he/she will charge me up immediately.
On the other hand (as most crazy doctors would say: there is a PLUS and MINUS in everything).
This person is like coffee, however, I can’t drink it nonstop each day – so they are better in quantifiable bursts.

2. RADIATOR – It’s a positive person as full of energy as the BUZZER but that gives that energy way in a small dozes. It’s an energy bust in the right amount. It’s the kind of person that can make me full positive about things in a controlled way and that can change my mood from worried or sad to happy and calm at the same time. They are like a fireplace in a cold winter, slowly warms you up and keeps you comfortable.
Of course like fire if you stand too close it can burn you over time 🙂


3.STABILIZER – It’s the cool kind of person than can stabilize the mood I’m in. The cool kind of company. I  can sit quietly in a park with that person, without talking very much, and leave happier. Being around he/she is saturating, relaxing, restorative. It can calm my agitation and restore my energy.


4. SNOOZER – Not as negative as it sounds. It’s the kind of person that is always calm and takes EVERYTHING slow. It’s that kind that makes me feel like I have all the time in the world. It the kind to be around when I’m a ball on fire of energy and it’s a glass of ice water on the burning fire. It’s like a cold shower when you feel you’re about to burst into flames. It’s the kind of person that talks slow and moves like snail. Good to balance my energy.

5. KILLER. It is as bad as it sounds. I met very few of these energy kind of people but they’re out there, They are so slow and cool that it makes me feel like I’m already dead and just need to find a grave to crawl in. It’s the kind that nothing excites them and nothing is good enough or can be done. The kind to be around when I want to let the weight of the world to fall on my shoulder and crash me down like a bug ran over a train.

Moral of the Story:


We give and get energy from others and they can change the day for you if you know who to look for.

I found out that it can really make the difference of my day and change it from good to bad and vice versa.

I’m mostly a bit of a BUZZER but like everyone else I change according to the day  and the energy people around me give me.

I found out also that I could better be mostly with SNOOZERS and let them balance me out.

I just realized that people are like batteries and to change you up or snooze you down according to the needs of the moment.

And back to the Lighting PART…

Sometimes you’re struck by a lightning person that burns you inside and lights a fire.


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