Boys will be boys…

After more than 30 years I come to an epiphany about guys/ men/ boys I had the pleasure to meet and interact with…

Here are some statements I’ll explain in details, later…

1. Boys will be boys

2. You can take the men out of the little boy but not the little boy out of the men

3. SIMPLE as that – men are simple creatures; they see the world in BLACK&WHITE


1. Boys will be boys AKA

THEY SAY (society) = any “negative” behavior should be excused if it a man to do it because they are BOYS so they use the lower head to take action more often than the one with a brain. They are more in touch with their animal side and act like rabbits in heat at any occasion (mostly) and that is fine and it has been permitted by human society since the dawn of humanity… e.g. mistresses, etc…

The little head can have its pleasure since men cheat with their bodies and NOT their mind/feelings/head.

TRUTH = woman are as “bad” or “good” (it’s all perspective) and can think with the below organs as well – nowadays it is more permitted and less frown upon if a woman acts like a “MAN” than in the 50s or B.C. but for it; she’s still judged and called names while the guy is THE MAN – THE PLAYER – the girl is …( yep…you already know the names she’s given so I’ll spare myself the trouble).

MYTH = woman betray with their heart and soul and is inexcusable.If she betrays she means business and a guy betrays physically and that’s it because he’s an animal / a predator and needs a variation from time to time or just could not resist it…. BULLSHIT!!
We are both humans with different life experiences, values, morals, needs, desires, and situations that bring us both (men and women alike) to act on what it’s happening to us and react to it. BAD or GOOD that is for the person itself to choose and decide. We all have a conscience and  TA DA!!! it works for each of us in a different way so we have to live or NOT with our choices and judge for ourselves.

2. You can take the men out of the little boy but not the little boy out of the men

Boys like adventure and conquest. So among the men I met…of course they were  all different some more sensitive and in touch with their feminine side, other manly men all testosterone and other “lights on but nobody’s home” but they ALL have in common the fact they have the same anatomic parts and that they have a little CAVE MAN inside them that screams for action – who more and who less. Also, a little boy who is ALWAYS ready to come out and play…

It does not matter how mature or not they are or how smart they are or not… when a boy sees and has a new toy he will tear it apart until he’s bored of it and some get attached to it and keep the toy while others just look for a new one…others prefer dolls but that is a whole other theme… 🙂 Boys/Men are conquerors and they all have a small CONAN THE BARBARIAN inside or if you like it more a little INDIANA JONES that needs to see, explore and conquer.

I think that’s what make MEN so different from women mentally and not only physically. It makes them fascinating and interesting to find out. I like to find out what side is more alive in them depending AGAIN on their life experiences, upbringing, culture, and state of mind, etc…

Men can be fascinating in their BLACK&WHITE shades…who more interesting and who less… depending on common interests or not …new and old…boring and exciting…age plays a role sometimes…

We all have a suitable cover for our pot and finding it can be fun and eye-opening especially when  I thought that what would fit like a glove does not fit…it’s too big or just looks wrong and what I thought was not suitable for 1million reasons turned out to be the other half of a very sour lemon (ME) but can fit and complete and implement… even if only for a while. Every single man I met has shown me a side of myself I knew or not …they thought me to be more adventurous or just more careful or just free and some showed me that I was wrong or that I was right but all showed me something good or bad…important or futile…up to me to carry around and or not follow tips advises or life lessons.

Some made the HATE men for a while…same made want to be in their skin for a day or two and some showed how wonderfully different and great we can be…some (few I must confess) made me LOVE them like it was my last day on earth and I was taking my last breath…they made me want more for myself and be better for me…mostly they all showed me something that I chose to ignore or follow …most reminded me of men I admired and some of those I despised…

No one compares to your DAD – they say – maybe I’m looking – looked and will look for those that have a small piece of him somehow…who knows?!!

Back to the less heavy stuff 🙂

Of course nowadays women are changing or just letting loose of what was always there but could not be shown and as men become more in touch with their feelings and feminine side there are women who start to let out their masculinity and DON’T GIVE A CRAP attitude and behave like a MAN. That is so funny to say… The tip of the scale is changing direction and WE (girls) are more manly sometimes than MEN.

I am an extreme MANLY girl…I hate talking about feelings and don’t give a damn sometimes about nuances and shades and see B&W… I do what I say and mean what I do (most of the times..I’m still a girl so it’s not ALWAYS so simple and straight forward). 😉

So I totally get the point of the unbalanced (if we talk about natural – ancient balance of MEN vs WOMEN attitude in a traditional way ME TARZAN, YOU JANE) MAN vs WOMAN status.

3. SIMPLE as that – men are simple creatures that see the world in BLACK&WHITE

It is known that men do not have the refined sense of color distinction of women for example…practical fact that works perfectly to explain my point…perspective…AGAIN…


We _ FEMALES_see nuances in EVERYTHING not only in the color spectrum; so it makes perfect sense that we do the same with man’s behavior and vice versa…

But women forget all the time that men are just SIMPLE = there are no 50 shades of gray 🙂 but only GREY – WHITE  – BLACK

So if a guy says something he means it and there no “other meaning to it”!

THEY SAY (society) = MEN see only primary colors and WOMEN see even colors that do not exist. Totally agree, NO need to explain this one I guess.

TRUTH = men see and say things as they are – NO mystical, scatological, empirical interpretation behind it. A guy says NO and he means NO.

Women see a “between the lines message” in everything because (let me be honest) we like trouble and complicated we see mystical, empirical etc in every single thing. NO means YES or MAYBE and YES means whatever we feel like not only the moment we say it but also 10 to 100 years later in can change…

AKA men and women are not meant to understand one another. A and B cannot meet if A goes on a straight line and B is bouncing all over the damn place.

Still, opposites attract and all that jazz…

MEN are also VISUAL creatures…they SEE while women try to go beyond and need to feel touch, feel, listen, feel, hear, feel and blah blah blah…

Maybe because of their simplicity (it’s just a way of comparing  vs  women – of course, all men can be as complex and difficult as a woman and be all over the place…I met many of those…)

So…maybe because men are visual beings it seems less complicated and B&W vs women who need to see all the shades of BLACK and WHITE…

So easier said than done to explain and stereotype some of the boys  I met in my life.

1- Mr. Nice Guy

He’s the closest I got to a “girl” guy – he is romantic, in touch with his feelings and not afraid to talk about them and share. He can see the “between the lines”…he cares about everything and everyone…he sees when you’re sad, happy or just need a shoulder to cry on and he is there for you, always.

2- Mr. Big Shot

He’s THE MAN… or at least he thinks he is…confident and above everyone else. He knows everything and everyone who matters. He has it all and has to show it. He’s got the body, the mind, the perks that come with it all. He has or is trying to have it all in life and takes the bull by the balls. He’s the guy that can solve anything and has all he wants. He needs himself and that’s all he needs, everything and everyone is an achievement or success if they belong in their busy life.

3.  Mr. Peter Pan

He’s ageless. He’s playful and enjoys everything in life. He is not cynical and has an open mind to the world and likes to be surprised and surprise. He’s a child inside and will always be in the good and the bad (still all perceptive…) he seeks fun and novelty. The world is his playground and people his playmates.

4- Mr. Man’s Man

He’s a MAN, a real testosterone explosion…he’s the protector, the knight in shining armor and he is the one who saves the princess, slays the dragon, climbs the tower and then puts her in charge of the household to drink beers with his mates. He is a MAN who never left the CAVE…call him traditional 🙂

5- Mr. Social Butterfly

He has no boundaries, no limits, no strings attached – he is a butterfly in spring and needs to fly in freedom. He’s kind but mainly and needs to be with other butterflies and surrounded by flowers. He is free in every sense…mind, body and soul. He’s the one that sees possibilities and it’s positive and excited about life, the world, creation itself. Hard to commit but fun to know.

So…no critics to any of the above gentlemen. No preference either, just an overview of the guys I met in my life from friends to lovers and of course there are much more types but these are the ones I met more often for one reason or the other…and I classified them in order of the types I know the most or surrounded myself with…I might be missing some of those qualities/traits and that’s why I seek their presence in mine…a boost (maybe)… a longing for a part missing…or I’m just attracted to some kind of them and I fly by the others… ignoring or avoiding them… but these 5 are the ones I met most often and decided to keep close or just cannot avoid because they keep popping up 🙂 in my life.

My only message is – Guys stay the way you are ’cause each one of you is special and rare and unique and I loved meeting each one of you also the ones not stereotyped in this short list 🙂



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