The rules of attraction…according to our chemistry…

according to some scientists our attraction or choice to mate with someone it a variation and combination of different factors: smell, hearing (voice) and the visual clues but it begins much more that form that…it is biological and chemical…

Since men are from Mars…and women are from another galaxy all together…to facilitate things even more we have also to see how we mix or not with someone chemically because that could be a disastrous mix that would lead nowhere. Just like you so not mix bleach and vinegar…because it generates highly toxic chlorine gas or Ammonia with bleach which eleases toxic chloramine vapors and you can burn your lungs…


That is also how you should not mix yourself with someone that is chemically incompatible…because genetically we have chemical balances and for some of us unbalances that might play a role in relationships and our successful interaction with a potential partner/life companion or whatever…

According to Dr. Helen Fisher – there are 4 main chemical types because some chemicals in us determine personality traits (dopamine, testosterone, serotonin, estrogen & oxycontin) and these types are:

EXPLORER – dominant chemical dopamine (associated with curiosity and spontaneity). Personality traits – Risk-taking, spontaneous, curious, adaptable, optimistic.

BUILDER  dominant chemical Serotonin (associated with sociability and feelings of calm). Personality traits – Calm, managerial, conscientious, home-oriented but social, popular, traditional.  

NEGOTIATOR dominant chemical Estrogen (associated with intuition and creativity). Personality traits – Imaginative, sympathetic, socially skilled, idealistic, flexible, compassionate. 

DIRECTOR  dominant chemical testosterone (associated with independence and rational thinking). Personality traits – focused, inventive, daring, logical, direct, tough minded, ambitious, 

what this mean is that some types for the chemical components in themselves are attracted to some other types that better match their traits and complete their chemical table …in sort of way…

examples are explorers usually are attracted to other explorers – both energetic, enthusiastic and curious.

builders are also drown to builder  because they are traditional.

on the other hand directors are most attracted to negotiators and vice versa…

at the end of the day does oil mix with water>???

This is a way to find you own type and get better in understanding the types around you and as Dr. Fisher says “you can win them”… if you know how people react and what time of personality traits they have you can better adapt you conquest strategy…

For me this is just fun and a pass-time way to understand people and where they come from since according to Dr. Fisher I am a DIRECTOR as therefore analytical  to situations and  an independent thinker but very interested in how the world works…so I really like to see if this really applies to people around me and in a way look at them with a more scrutinizing eye….

I love the idea of archetypes and this follows the same kinda principal in a chemical way…

At the end of the day chemistry or not we like what we like and follow our hearts and even if that means you are mixing nitric acid with hydrazine and you may cause a very powerful explosion…when you fall in love who cares what the mix might cause …important is to fall and follow you heart…


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