B.I.T.C.H. please!


Sometimes I wonder about the existence of certain kind of women….
Okay … you ‘ve got it goin’ on and a nice physical appearance , compared to the today ‘ god forbit I eat’ beauty cannons of our society , you’re maybe an exotic and interesting mix of races and colors and boys dig that and your tiny clothes that leave nothin’ to the imagination,has its effect of the opposite sex, my darling … but you also have to be the alternative and interesting type at all costs ?!!! For real??!!!
You must be the one who when at  parties with friends and have a crew of fools drooling behind because you show it to them but you’re a decent ( please seize the irony) little girl so you do not ever give it to them… You have studied and maybe you’ve even learned by heart big words like ” cognitism “, ” ergonomics ” and use terms like ” psychological distress “, ” cognition “, ” social maladjustment ” ….because the beautiful girl with no soul is not ‘as popular and so you want to be “modern ” educated but also desirableness , but good , you do honor to the female gender .
At parties where your priorities ‘ is not only to ‘ appear  the most beautiful and interesting but it’ s also to get sheet faced as if tomorrow would never arrive … very good, that is so classy and attractive! You’re a queen of contradiction . You’re so avant’guard that you wear faux fur and you are an animal lover. You’re also the champion of being free and being able to change the world because you are unique and you have the world at your feet and you believe all envy you for that, you’re hot, cool and a free soul. You take beautiful photos of yourself and sharing your  intellectual superiority  with the world through social network , with thick  fire colored boiled fish lips in a self shot in the bathroom mirror or let your horny friends that shots of you jumping likes like a gazelle with the purpose to show how happy you are and how free you feel well as beautiful. But well….you are so unique that you just have to look at the facebook profiles of your other 4 or 5 friends and see exactly the same things and the same pictures and the same poses. But how nice it is to be a rarity ‘ .

I am envious because I am not like you , I am writing these lines to point out the obvious.
I’ll give you a couple of wise remarks and maybe in 10 years you will see but please ignore it and then you will come to the same conclusion.
You are not the only beauty in the world and there is no merit in big words and terminologies to appear only sporadically educated that  does not lead to anything . You are not the only interesting girls and believe me that beauty comes at a price , and one day you will pay my dear and  duck and repeat what is cool and actual  on magazines or blogs, does not make you wise or smart. I understand the fools around you and I understand your reasons and your intentions  but at the end of the fair  you’ll have to face the mirror and what you’ll see is the reflected image of your true self.

I’ll tell you this because I was like you and that image in the mirror one day really surprised me… but in the end we are not all the same … at least I hope for you


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