Fundamental cultural differences of 2 different countries completions and deeply divided by ideals on the integration of immigrants :
Netherlands – small town anecdote to give the social context – The Netherlands a country of well-known and skilled sailors , was one of the great countries colonozzitaori together with Spain and Portugal , and Great Britain and conquer ‘ their colonial possessions through a capitalist colonialism , in Asia – East and West Indies and the Americas. Transactions of conquest between the sixteenth century and the seventeenth century. The countries affected by the colonialism Dutch were Indonesia and Suriname , the Atlantic coast of North America, the coast of the North-East of Brazil , South Africa , bases in India, Ceylon , Formosa. The decline of imperialism Dutch start ‘ only in the twentieth century. The Dutch have left their mark ( idiom , for example) still in South Africa ( Afrikaans ) , Netherlands Antilles, Suriname.
This is to understand the connotation psychological making them more flexible and tolerant of other religions and “races” as they have for centuries used to have to do – at the time in their native lands and now territory.
Italy – Italian colonial history began ‘ in 1869 (Netherlands colonial already in 1602 ) , the year of the opening of the Suez Canal . In 1869 Italy puts its first “flag” in Assab . Since 1896 , the Italian colonial policy is oriented towards the Red Sea . It is in this year that you get to the battle of Adwa , but not for long . In 1911, we come to the second war in Africa , that of Libya , Italy and try to get to make it a colony and you get even the institution of the Statute of the Libyan . Between 1992 , 1923 and 1925 there is evidence in Ethiopia and Somalia but finally in 1943 and all ‘ lost and you do not remember needless Italian in those areas once, even if briefly , the Italian territory overseas .
All this to get to this consideration : In the Netherlands _ ” Filipinos ” not to wash the dishes , clean the house or you ‘ll take care of the babies with them in Italy … no … here are the top rented Dutch citizens ( communities ‘ European ) and Lawyers, Teachers for Dutch children , CEOs of companies Quandi . And applying the persons of color in the Netherlands from Suriname and South Africa – well maybe in Italy by Etipia , Eritrea, and other African countries as required , but are always different from Caucasians or europoidi , Holland no junk sell umbrellas at the beach or at stops of meter as in Italy , the Netherlands Antilles and are working in offices and working in hospitals.
Sorry, but ‘just a little consideration of how the world works and different country you go there is the level of tolerance you find…


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