The official definition is something  that is handed down or remain from one generation to the next


the Synonyms are
heritage – bequest – inheritance – patrimony

For me, it is me or you or us.


We are the legacy of our families, of our mother and father in primis.

When I look in the mirror I see a person and that person is the combination of two other. I see my mother’s eyes, my dad’s mouth, my mom’s expressions, my dad’s hair. And if I talk or move I see my resemblance to them.

I am their legacy. I am what will continue to them and my children will be a continuation of me and of them and that is how a legacy is…

But it can be deeper than only physical, in resemblance; it can be the way they raised me or the way they think that leaves me. I will pass that on to the people that I encounter on my path, maybe I will make the same mistakes or the same choices because inside of me that is how I pass on what they gave me. But it is even deeper than that.

I will and am what they left behind and it is my duty to make the best of it and once they will be gone I will be what remains.

I will live on their legacy.

I will carry on my fathers’ way of smiling, my mother’s temper and all that makes me them and them in me.

We are a legacy of those they created us and willing or not we will carry them with us and pass on them to the ones after us.

I am a little piece of someone else and a fruit of a tree.

We are what we are and we cannot change it but when I look in the mirror I see other tow people looking back at me and through me, they will live on.

That is a legacy.



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