Apple or not Apple…this is not cool!


Do you remember is the 90s when APPLE people were not cool…Apple was a selection of geeks and uncool people that chose quality, performance and did not give a DAMN about even trying to be cool or popular.

Apple was a rarity and meant for those with a refined mind that thought forward just like their slogan then “THINK DIFFERENT”.

That is when some people started paying attention to APPLE and then…it happened…

APPLE became cool…everyone wanted one, everyone was buying one and everyone had to have one…

So the mass thinking, consumer based society took over, everyone became an expert and “THINK DIFFERENT” had no purpose and we all became “THINK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE”.

Even the experts in APPLE had to change and be more, offer more, upgrade to a better version of themselves. So from GEEKS with a mission and knowledge of something that few knew and appreciated they became APPLE GENIUSES…that’s right – not an expert with knowledge of usability of APPLE, etc… no, they are now GENIUS…that’s what you have to be to bit the mass requirement. There are now in-store GENIUS BAR where people that probably know as much or even less than you , can give your “advice”???? PLEASE!!! who needs it?

Even the image changed…no more GEEKS…no…nice looking people and even GIRLS!!! They are the ones on the commercials and billboards of APPLE now. No more EINSTEIN , GANDI, YOKO ONO & John Lennon or Mohamed ALI…no…who needs different?

Now where ever you go, someone is talking in an IPHONE (the last one, of course) or typing in an IPAD or MACBOOK…

YOU are one of them…now what APPLE needs to do is just a fast pacing launching of a new product every 3 months to keep up…and instead of feeling satisfied with the fine tech we have on our hands we will feel empty and disappointed that we do not have the LAST VERSION…the last IPHONE 3, 3S, 4, 4S, 5 ….

So…if you think or though a while ago you were DIFFERENT and valued quality and felt special to be an APPLE promoter when the common language was WINDOWS…well…welcome to reality because now you are like EVERYONE ELSE…you are an apple user!!! and WINDOWS to you sounds like a swearword just like to EVERYONE else.

Now you have no need or purpose to defend the superiority of OS or the better design or whatever else you had to talk for hours to convince a friend or family member to recognize and value your point in being a unique APPLE USER and to make your point that it was the product of the future…now everybody knows… EVERYBODY…once you open your mouth top talk about your new purchase of technology to anyone else a loooooooooooong list of the same products or even better , upgraded, limited edition version of MACBOOK, IPAD, IPHONE, that list will be thrown at you…and you are not unique , not different. You are just another APPLE USER.

Welcome to the FUTURE!!!


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